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Commercial Service By Splash Locksmith Menifee CA

Splash Locksmith: Commercial Locksmith Services

For a complete array of professional commercial locksmith services, Locksmith Menifee CA is here to help you.  Those who live or work within the vicinity of Menifee, California will be able to benefit from reliable and excellent locksmith services. Their professionals technicians are on-call 24/7, providing great service to the community. You wouldn’t want to entrust the safety and security of your home, vehicle, or office to an incompetent locksmith that is not reliable and dependable. Their trained professionals work with sophisticated key cutting machinery that enables the car, business or homeowner to get an extra set of keys or key replacement at the soonest possible time.  It guarantees precise cutting and great workmanship. Not only are locksmiths trained to be knowledgeable and skillful about various types of locksmith services, but they are also trained to ensure that the best type of customer service is offered to clients.

Satisfied customers are also surprised with the reasonable rates that offered by the security company.  For the quality of service and workmanship that we provide, they continue to raise the bar in giving affordability and quality to all customers. This is a duly licensed and insured company.  They have made a lot of effort in building a credible and reputable company from the ground up. They know that keeping valuable properties safe and secure is a serious thing, so they are also serious about getting their jobs done right.  Their past customers can attest to this.  They tightly guard their company name and their reputation in the community.

Locksmith Services: Commercial Establishments

A business establishment needs extra security and protection. For one thing, many people are dependent on its success and having a threatening situation and a high-risk situation is never a good thing.  If you have a commercial establishment such as a store or an office building within the Menifee, Riverside County area, Splash Locksmith is a reputable company that offers a variety of locksmith services for you.  They are well-known in the area as the provider of top-notch commercial locksmith services.  They offer a comprehensive array of services at reasonable prices. Whatever locksmith-related situation that your commercial establishment needs, they are here to help you.  Their professional locksmiths are well-trained to handle all your needs.  They are not only trained to install, but they will also give recommendations and orient the company’s security personnel on how to maintain and operate the locks and security system.

Here are some services they offer for businesses: installation and replacement of cabinet locks and garage door locks, cracking open safes and replacing locks in safes, assistance with office lockout, installation of panic bars, installation and operation of keyless entry system, and installation of different locks. We install different types of locks such as grade 1 lock, high security locks, profile cylinder locks, biometric locks, and heavy duty locks. Aside from highly-trained top-notch locksmiths, they also have a dependable support staff to cater to commercial lock-related needs. You can call their support staff anytime during the day or night, since they are available and on-duty 24 hours a day.

Commercial Locksmith
Commercial Locksmith Service
Commercial Locksmith Menifee CA

Service for your Business: High Security Locks and Keys

Most businesses require high security locks.  Commercial establishments need to have these types of locks in order to protect employees, stocks and supplies, and expensive equipment.  Creating high security locks need sophisticated equipment.  Splash Locksmith has technologically-advanced security equipment that can only be operated by trained locksmiths.  Only a specially trained professional locksmith will be able to create and duplicate high security locks using our machines. High security keys and locks use a very specific verification system.  This prevents the keys from being replicated by a person who is not authorized to handle it. Let’s look at it this way: an ordinary key can be duplicated easily at a local hardware store.  However, a high security key will not allow a non-authorized dealer to duplicate it.  In this way, only authorized personnel can handle the keys and have the keys duplicated.

Another characteristic of a high security lock is that it cannot be picked easily.  This pick resistance technology is only offered by companies that have invested in this expensive equipment. When this is applied to locks, they prevent a person from picking the locks to open them.  Another way that thieves break into business establishments is by drilling a hole in the lock.  A high security lock has drill resistance technology.  Locksmiths design and install high-security cylinders that cannot be drilled with a hole.  High security locks are also attack- resistant. Pick resistance, drill resistance and attack resistance are all factors that are considered in installing high security locks in your business premises. In installing high-quality door locks, locksmiths consider these factors:  patented key control, pick resistance, drill resistance, and increase physical attack resistance.  They make sure that all these factors are present for increased protection and security.

The Best Commercial Locksmith Services

There is no doubt that your business needs top-notch security.  There are far too many valuable assets and belongings there that need to be secured.  Most importantly, your employees and customers all need to be protected.  This security is something that cannot be compromised.  This is the reason why we need reliable and dependable commercial locksmiths. If the security of your business establishment has been compromised due to a burglary or a burglary attempt, it is a good idea to change all your locks as a safety precaution.  Especially if your door locks are damaged, a higher security system is needed.  Even if your door locks are not damaged, it is wise to still change your door locks. If there is an emergency, professional locksmiths will approximately be in your premises in 15 to 30 minutes.

Here is an array of other commercial services that they offer:  burglary damage repair, key cutting, key duplication and key replacement services, changing locks, cracking and repairing safes, installing a master key system, installing peepholes, locking mailboxes, unlocking or repairing different types of safes, and installing deadbolt locks. Your trusted locksmiths work with any type of key and any type of brand.  They have advanced machinery that is able to duplicate just about any kind of key for commercial purposes.  Locksmiths will know what type of locks to use for specific purposes. Locksmith services for businesses are typically reasonably priced, but pricing also depends on the type of work required. Getting the right locksmith for your business establishment is an important decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.